Things you shouldn’t do on an airplane.

Here are a few of my personal peeves.

  • Don’t recline your seat back. We have little enough space, so don’t rob the person behind you.
  • Don’t kick the seat in front of you. Because that’s me in front of you, and I don’t appreciate it, especially if I’m trying to sleep. Same goes for slamming your tray table closed. Gently, please.
  • Don’t stick your feet between the seats. Do I have to explain that I don’t want your smelly feet on my armrest?
  • Talk quietly.
  • If you have a cold, please use Kleenex when you sneeze in my direction. If you have a cough, please use cough drops or some narcotic that will stop you from coughing through the entire flight.
  • Once I put on my headphones, it’s time to stop talking to me.

Leave a comment with your travel pet peeves.

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