Harness The Sun And Do Some Good.

I love WakaWaka. Not only for their whacked out name (it means “shine bright” in Swahili) and their terrific products, but for the good work they do. Click the image above to see all of their products.

I first became aware of them when they were trying to raise money on Kickstarter in 2012. I bought a light, and a combo light and phone charger. A couple of years later I ordered the Base 10 pictured above. All of the products work very well. I especially liked having the Base 10 when we were camping. We could keep our Kindles charged, as well as our phones, my MP3 player and even my portable speaker. Not to mention the little lights that come with it. If I wasn’t so lazy, I could use these things every day to power my stuff without having to pay for electricity.

But the main reason I support WakaWaka is the good things they do around the world.
“Buy a WakaWaka and you get to send one to someone living through a humanitarian crisis. Survivors of catastrophic earthquakes in Nepal, Haiti and the Philippines; families displaced by war and strife; and many many others are able to tap into the power of the sun for light and power through the exact same WakaWaka design and quality. In the past three years, WakaWaka has helped improve the lives of more than 1,000,000 people lacking access to electricity. This data is tracked on our impact map that includes summaries, photos, and video. The map currently highlights the 200,000 WakaWakas that have been distributed or donated to more than 100 partners and projects in developing countries, crisis situations or humanitarian disaster zones.

Because there are more than a billion people living worldwide without access to electricity and there are more than a billion of people that can do something about it. Once the sun goes down, there are people that are forced to live, pray, eat, study and work in pitch dark. They also can’t charge mobile phones or other devices. Need to call a doctor? Not possible. Stay in touch with family? Can’t. It’s disorienting and uncomfortable. And sometimes it’s life and death. The alternative for light for living off-grid is kerosene. Problem is, indoor pollution from kerosene fuel kills more people than AIDS and Malaria combined. And every day thousands are burned and disfigured by kerosene fire.”

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