How Do I Charge My Phone While Traveling?

The number of different power plugs used all around the world is pretty mind boggling. If you really wanted to be prepared, you’d need a separate suitcase to carry all the different adapters.

This is important. Different countries use different voltages. For example, if you plugged your North American 110 volt laptop into a European or Latin American 220 volt plug using only an adapter, you’d probably destroy it. That’s because you need to transform the voltage, and that requires a converter which is not the same as an adapter. Make sure you have both with you.

The good news is that most phones and tablets don’t require a converter because they already reduce the voltage in the plug. You will need an adapter to make the plugs fit. NOTE: make sure you check with your phone manufacturer so that you’re sure that you won’t need a converter as well as an adapter.

Here is a handy list of countries and the adapter plugs they require.

On my last trip to Peru, I had a heavy converter, a bunch of adapter plugs, and I took along a small power strip to plug into the converter so I could keep all my gadgets plugged in. While I was there, I bought a 220 volt power strip with the plug that works in most of Latin America as well as most of Europe, so I can skip the adapters and converter when I travel to those countries. It looks something like this and has a 6 foot cord. I paid about $5.00 USD for it.

This one is available on Amazon for about $25.00.