9 Most Boring Cities in the World

I’ve been to a lot of boring places. In fact, I live in one of those places today. That’s not to say that Colorado Springs is a terrible place. It just doesn’t have the excitement of a place like New York. Or the quirkiness of Portland, Oregon. Or the faintly dangerous (but not really) grittiness of Marseilles, France. Or the quaint loveliness of Merida, Mexico. But that’s okay because even boring has lot going for it.

I have only been to two of the nine places on this list, Frankfurt, Germany and¬†Ottawa, Ontario, Canada – the nation’s capitol. That was back in 1973, I was on a cross-Canada road trip, I got there late at night, I needed a room (it was the first time I had experienced a heated bathroom floor!), and I hit the road early the next morning. So, I can’t really say from experience how boring the place was, or is now.

Frankfurt was exactly as described in this piece, and worth avoiding. We were only there on a layover on our way to Nice, France and had some time to kill, so we hopped on a train.

But this list from Independent Traveler.com may help you to avoid spending good travel money on a place you’ll regret.