My Favorite Carry-On Bag

This is my favorite piece of luggage.

First, it’s a backpack. It’s comfortable to carry while you’re walking, and it holds a lot. It’s perfect if you’re traveling light, and don’t want to check a bag. I can carry about five days worth of clothing in it with plenty of room for other stuff.

It also meets most international airline carry-on size limits, which are generally smaller than North American airlines. But always go to your airline’s web page and double check what they allow. Some of the budget European airlines have ridiculously small carry-on allowances, so you may have to pay a fee to carry anything larger.

As I said, it’s pretty big, so if you want a slightly smaller and cheaper version, look for the Junior model.

Here’s a picture of my bag. I love the color orange. Unfortunately, they don’t make the orange one any more, but it comes in a bunch of different colors.

You can find it at eBags.