New York City: 5 Super cheap hotels in Manhattan

Super cheap hotels? In Manhattan?

Yes, it is possible.

I am a budget traveler, so I want the cheapest airfare to get where I’m going because – let’s face it – air travel is just something to be endured, so I pay as little as possible for the torture.

And when I get there, I want the cheapest room I can find because all I need is a bed and a roof over my head. Of course, the location matters, and so does my personal safety.

Once you get to New York City, it really is possible to a lot of great things on the cheap. Just a couple of examples. Take the free Staten Island Ferry to get a terrific view of the Statue Of Liberty, then enjoy an excellent view of lower Manhattan on the the way back. The other thing I like to do is hop on a city bus to see the city. If you want to get somewhere the fastest way possible, take the subway. You can ride both with your MetroCard. Single ride is $2.50, a 7 day Metro Card will cost you $29.00 – tickets are sold at vending machines and you have to have one to ride the buses or subway. You can get big savings on everything New York right here. Just scroll down to the New York banner.

Click here to see the Eurocheapo article and find cheap hotels in Manhattan.

UPDATE: I just heard from a friend who stayed at the Pod 51 hotel in New York City. He said the double room he booked was quite small and the bed was too short for him He is 6 feet (182 cm) tall. A queen size bed would have been my choice at about $15 USD more per night. I checked various sites for the best rates, and the lowest were on which also features a free cancellation option.