Why Barbados should be your next holiday

I have terrific memories of Barbados.

It was in the early 70s, I was about 20 years old, and it was my first international trip. The advertising agency I worked for in Nova Scotia was treating a bunch of its top clients to a free trip, and I got to go along.

We flew from Halifax to Toronto where we boarded a Wardair Boeing 747. The plane was still pretty new (built in 1969) and it was huge! I was so excited. I marveled at the huge number of seats and bathrooms, and the upstairs bar and lounge. Max Ward, the Canadian aviation pioneer who founded Wardair, was also on the plane, making the rounds and schmoozing with the passengers.

Barbados was heaven to me. I had never been out of the country, much less an exotic tropical island. I loved the place. We had many adventures, some pretty risque, some I’d rather forget, like the sunburn that kept me in bed for three days. But, since we were there for 14 days, I still had plenty of time to see the sights. The caves on the north end of the island, Sam Lord’s castle on the rocky, wild east coast, the fields of sugar cane, a concert featuring The Mighty Sparrow, and the beaches, of course.

We rented a fun little vehicle called a Mini-Moke to get around. I got to drive it, and even though they drive on the left and the driver sits on the right, I did pretty well.

I came across this extensive, well produced piece on Barbados in The Telegraph. Enjoy!