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1.5 Billion Kayak Searches Can’t Be Wrong!

Planning a vacation takes a lot of work. Kayak has distilled 1.5 billion searches into these convenient lists to help make that planning a little easi
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52 Places to Go in 2018

Where do you want to go? It's a big, big world out there, and it's hard to choose. Sometimes a few suggestions will help you. That's why I look forwar
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Flights To Latin America From $329 USD

Avianca is a very large airline primarily serving Central and South America with international routes to North America and Europe. They have hundreds
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$50 Travel Consultation

That's right! Just 50 bucks to help you make all the travel arrangements for your next trip. 100% money back guarantee.
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The Best Smart Phones for Senior Citizens

Seniors have a lot of choices when it comes to phones and phone plans. The old flip phones were, and are, reliable, easy to use, and cheap. And
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What We Can Learn From Norway About Retirement

Full disclosure. I am half Norwegian. I am also Canadian by birth and American by naturalization. I grew up in a country where the social safe
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100+ Ways for Seniors & Baby Boomers to Save Money on Healthcare Costs

When you get to the age where you're considered a senior, you realize that your financial options are running out. When you were younger you could...
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About Zoonie Travel

Zoonie is me.

This web site is a labor of love. I started it because I don’t see a lot of travel sites that are aimed at people over 50. Of course, most of what you’ll find on ZoonieTravel will appeal to everyone.

I am a retired broadcaster, husband, father, and grandfather who loves to travel.

The world is an amazing place, and I want to see as much of it as I can, while I’m still able to get around. I created this site to share stories and travel deals, and to help you plan your trip, even do some pre-trip shopping.

My posts will try to address a range of comforts from a hostel to a nice hotel, from an adventurous outing to something that can be accomplished by someone with limited mobility, and everything in between.

Thanks for stopping by.

Remember, you’re never too old to see the world!